It can be difficult to return to exercise after a C section. My main focus is helping mothers who are still healing from giving birth. Many mothers were unaware of their postpartum process and suffered irreversible damage to their cores. There are many examples and ways to do this!

Mamas who have had C-sections are guilty of not allowing their bodies to heal properly. Many women find themselves in a bind with little information, no guidance and no post-C-section workout plan.

Do not rush to get back to work after a C-section. This can have long-term repercussions for your body. Most new moms will need to remember to slow down on more than one occasion. Only one chance to heal well – make the most of it.

It is easier to avoid problems by starting the postpartum journey on a positive path than to fix them years later. You should be cautious about jumping back to pre-pregnancy activities. Our bodies go through so many changes during the nine months, surgery and postpartum. To avoid major consequences on your long-term recovery, you need to reset and gradually return to your favorite activities.

Although C-sections are not uncommon, they are not rare.

For those of you who are curious about what happens to your body during a C-section, here’s a visual representation by Natural Abundance that shows the “What and How” behind this sometimes mysterious MAJOR surgery.

You can see that the abs don’t look perfect. But, just think about how many layers they have to go through, and how much repair is needed!

The bladder is then reattached to the uterus, the bladder is then reattached, and finally the connective tissue, abdominals, as well as the skin are reattached.

To heal as quickly as possible, there will be many layers of scar tissue and sutures that will form. This video should help you see how patient and gentle you must be after a C-section.


As a Mama, your job is to care for, feed, cuddle, rest, and recover. It can make a huge difference to your baby’s first few weeks/days if someone brings them to you at the feeding time.


Your doctor may now give you permission to continue exercising. Congratulations!

Although you might be able to start working out again after C-section the healing process is still ongoing. Although your scar may appear to be mostly healed from the outside, the deeper layers of the scar are still healing.

Everyone heals at their own speed, so slow down Mamas.

There is no set date when you can begin to do more strenuous exercise following a c-section. Recognize that you have just had major surgery. Give your body time to heal.

Your body is capable of repairing itself and this can be done by changing your nutrition and movement patterns. Your body will heal faster and regenerate itself if you have better habits.